Hurting You Right Back

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Once upon a time, a boy lived In another world. Everything was clear and simple, Then he met a girl. Suddenly, a shroud came over All he thought was true. Everywhere the fog expanded And the darkness grew. When at last the skies had cleared, Innocence had disappeared. Now a rusty man is standing, Planning his attack. Long ago, you'd be forgiven, But you hurt him; he's Hurting You Right Back. When the shock of cruel rejection Faded into grey, His resolve began to harden, Growing day by day. He believed a time would come when They would meet again, So he lived in preparation, And he would not bend. Then, one day, that moment came, Anger blazing in a flame. All the pain she made him suffer Nearly made him crack, But, instead, he lived to tell her, "You hurt me. I'm Hurting You Right Back." Did it make you feel good to see a man on his knees? Did your pride make you deaf to the sound of his pleas? Well, the man gave you everything he ever possessed, But you thought he was a fake and put his love to the test. I wonder if you knew just how unhappy he felt When he sobered up and realized the hand he was dealt? You said you were an angel, but your heart, it was black. You destroyed his self-assurance; now he's Hurting You Right Back! Many years have come and gone since That eventful day. Now he's put the past behind him, And it stays that way. She resides beyond the mist in Some forgotten past Growing dim as grains of sand move Through the hourglass. Now he takes a different view When he meets somebody new. Many things were said that evening That he won't retract. If you disregard his feelings, He'll respond by Hurting You Right Back.

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