The Man I Can Be

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Well, the man who stands before you isn't perfect. He's like any other human with a need for love and tenderness, an empty space inside you can illumine. He may not be good looking with complexion golden brown. He isn't rich or famous or the smartest guy in town. If pretty boys are what you want, you'd better walk away, 'cause all I have to offer's standing here with you today. Just look at my face if your love is based on what you can see. If that's your concern, then you'll never learn The Man I Can Be. You can call it being tactful, but your vamping is a slight to my good nature, and a snub is still a snub with all your doublespeak, despite the nomenclature. You knew when you laid eyes on me that I was not "the one". You could have told me frankly, but instead you had your fun. You strung me all the way without a thought to how I feel. You took what you could take and now there's nothing to conceal. (chorus 1) If you take a chance, I'll give you romance, if you just believe, but if you'd prefer some diamonds and fur, it's best that you leave. What matters in relationships is nothing more than how the person treats you. A pretty face, a perfect smile may captivate you for a while, but when you take away the facade, what's lying underneath? I tried to be up front with you, but you were not the same. Your words were full of promise, but your heart could not be tamed. You set the bar so high that no mere man came even close, and no one met your standards. Now your dreams are comatose. (chorus 1) (chorus 2)

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