When They Put My Body in the Ground

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


He was known for his honesty, admired for his integrity. Told you what he felt inside was true. You knew that you could count on him, learn from his self discipline, hear him talk and change your point of view. Will their praise be as lavish, reflections as profound when off into the afterworld I'm bound. Will they say I was special, or will they make a sound When They Put My Body in the Ground? People say he loved a joke, paid attention when he spoke. Everyone enjoyed his repartee. Always had a quip or two. Observations fun but true. Made you laugh and brightened up your day. (repeat chorus) Will they kneel at my casket, tears of lamentation flowing down? Will they reveal pain or mask it When They Put My Body in the Ground? People came from far and wide, every single walk of life, gathered here to bid their friend adieu. Up and down the family tree, some who knew him socially took the time to give the man his due. (instrumental) I am not perfection yet. Lose my temper, get upset. Still I try to keep my conscience clean. In the bedroom, down the hall, there's a mirror on my wall. Up to now I've liked what I have seen.

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