Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Steppin’ down the alley. Everybody clears a path.

Shakin’ down the locals. Keep your pockets full of cash.

Boots up on the table, you’re a master of the game.

People pay attention every time they hear your name.

What you gonna do?

Flashlight gonna shine its light on you.


Groovin’ on the dance floor, turning all the heads your way.

Nothing more to offer than what’s out there on display.

Play with their emotions like a mouse upon a string.

Swear to love forever, but it’s just another fling.

What you gonna do?

Flashlight gonna shine its light on you.


Think you can hide away

And keep your conscience bare.

Somewhere a judgment waits.

You’ll step into the snare.


Crooked corporations set this country up to fail.

Who needs regulations when your congressman’s for sale?

Pumpin’ your pollution in the water that we drink.

Long as there’s a profit, doesn’t matter what we think.

What you gonna do?

Flashlight gonna shine its light on you.




Disregard the warnings what tomorrow has in store.

Think you’ll beat the system like so many times before.

You won’t slide forever, and you’ll get what’s coming soon.

Once those tides are turning, then you’ll sing a different tune.

What you gonna do?

Flashlight gonna shine its light on you.

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


I was content.

I was doing okay till the moment you stepped in my sight.

No pain. No stress.

I was happy alone in the dark till you turned on the light.

Now I can’t go on pretending everything’s right,

And I’d love to ask if you’ve got plans for tonight.

But I’m filled with fright.


Love’s the Only Way Home.

Love’s the Only Way Home.


Each time we meet

Try to open my heart but the words don’t come out like I plan.

Tongue tied. Can’t speak

And when everything’s done I’m no farther than when I began

And I sometimes wish that I was more of a man.

I would take you in my arms and you’d understand,

But I doubt I can.


I don’t think that I deserve to be happy with you

And I’m feeling things that I’m afraid to pursue.

Nothing I can do.


Opportunities would come my way,

But I turned around and ran.

Like a king I tried to have my say,

But my empire was a sham.

On an island like a castaway,

Watching waves roll off the sand.

Fading memories of yesterday,

Nothing left that’s worth a damn.


Time is running out. The sun’s last rays

Signal that the end is near.

Have I spent my total life in vain,

Or can something make it clear.


Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Tears have been dryin’ since you went away.

Till I get over you, take it day by day.

Deal with the heartbreak that you gave to me.

It’s been a long road to recovery.

Now you come back to me

To reheat the flame.

I won’t get burned again.

I’m through with playing your game.


You think that you can walk into my life like before?

You’d better guess again; I won’t be hurt anymore.

Come to me looking for love that you think you deserve.

You can look elsewhere, ‘cause you’ve got one hell of a Nerve.


Still got the scars from our first love affair.

Healing is painful, but I’m getting there.

Last thing I need now is your treachery

Showing me once again what you did to me.

Having come this far,

I’ll hope for the day

I can face love without memories of you in the way.


What kind of fool would I be

If I returned to the scene of the crime?

Now I’m awake          

I won’t make this mistake one more time.


Give me your sweet talk, but I know the score.

I’m not the patsy that I was before.

My heart is mended. Hope it stays that way.

Won’t let you use it for the games you play.

I haven’t convalesced

One hundred percent,

But I know I don’t need you

Back with your evil intent.


You got a hell of a Nerve.

You got a hell of a Nerve.

You got a hell of a Nerve.

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Now and then I look backwards

And reach into the past,

And I think of the first time

I thought that love would last,

But instead of a castle

It crumbled into dirt.

When it all fell to pieces it hurt.

The mark it made would stay.


So I tried to be patient

Until I got my turn,

But a dream can be broken

When love is not returned.

Went from barstool to barstool.

My heart had turned to stone.

Now I’m starting to reap what I’ve sown

And now I know that


I was Sleeping with Strangers.

No clue what they were feeling.

Thought we knew what the facts were,

But not a word was said.

We looked into each other

With no thought for tomorrow,

But we stopped moving forwards and then

The love affair was dead.


After that, there were others

Who came into my mind,

But the pain of that first one

Was never far behind.

When the sunlight was brightest

A cloud was over me.

Rain and shadows were all I could see.

And no one said that


(repeat chorus)


There’s something special when a kiss

Is shared at first by two,

And when you find it, don’t resist

The kind of love that’s…

The kind of love that’s true.


(instrumental of chorus)


Now I don’t move as quickly.

My hair is streaked with grey,

Left with only the dreams of

A thousand yesterdays.

Had my chance that I wasted.

It’s not too late for you.

Fall in love now before youth is through…

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Well, I was out with my new girlfriend.

I brought her back to my own place.

We had a nice romantic evening

Until I tried for second base.

She said the last man she let touch her

Took her heart upon a spin,

But he was only after one thing

And she would not let him in.

I said, “I’m sorry that he hurt you,

But I’m paying

For Someone Else’s Sin.”


Well, I was driving down the highway.

I heard that old familiar song.

So I pulled off to the roadside

And asked the policeman what was wrong.

He said, “They picked on me in high school

Every day through thick and thin,

And I became a cop so they could taste

Their own damn medicine.”

I said, “I’m glad you got your vengeance,

But I’m paying

For Someone Else’s Sin.”


I said I am just a road dog

And I’m too old to learn new tricks,

And if I can’t be my own person,

Well, then it’s time to hit the bricks.

Hit the bricks.


One day I met a man of color.

He said he’d see me in the grave.

He seemed to think his great-grandfather

Was my great-grandfather’s slave.

I said, “I never judged a person by the

Color of their skin,

And there’s no point speculating on the

Things that might have been.”                  

I don’t know what he had against me,

But I’m paying

For Someone Else’s Sin.


I don’t know what they had against me,

But I’m paying

For Someone Else’s Sin.

Someone Else’s Sin.

Someone Else’s Sin.

Someone Else’s Sin.

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


You’re 21 years old, but you’ve never been kissed.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

The girl you got a crush on doesn’t know you exist.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

You’re sitting in your bedroom all alone with your thoughts,

But no one ever got a date by feeling distraught.

Get off your lazy ass and use the things you been taught.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies. Tough…


They passed you up again for that promotion at work.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

It happens every time, enough to drive you berserk.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

Well someone not as smart as you is now your boss.

So go ahead and dwell upon the things you’ve lost.

You ain’t the only person who’s been double-crossed.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies. Tough…


Sometimes it’s hard to conceal

The loss of hope that you feel

When things aren’t going okay.

And when it happens to you

It’s hard to know what to do

To keep yourself from losing your way.


You say you missed your calling and you’re down on your luck.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

You can’t go any further than the place you’ve been stuck.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

You’re telling me your lucky breaks are fleeting and few.

The rest of us are doing what it takes to get through.

We’re sick and tired of hearing why it sucks to be you.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies. Tough…


(instrumental of verse)


It’s not that some get the breaks,

But that they have what it takes

When opportunity’s near.

It’s not the fault of the stars.

Some things are just what they are,

So you should make the best of what’s here.


You say you can’t go further till you know what’s in store.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

You’ve got a brain that works, but you don’t know what it’s for.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

You’re drinking pretty heavy from the tumbler of dread.

Well, pour yourself a cup of self-reliance instead.

Go forth into the future and we’ll see what’s ahead.

Tough Cookies. Tough Cookies.

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


I’m sitting by myself in a room that looks strange to me.

They say it’s my new home. Everything’s been arranged for me.

The furniture is different. What happened to my chair?

I’m looking out the window. Don’t recognize what’s there.

It seems I have no choice, so I guess I’ll go ahead.


Suppertime is early and the food tastes so bland to me.

Lowfat this and diet that. Oh, this salad tastes like sand to me!

I used to love the weekend. Now the days are all the same.

I want to ask for dressing, but I can’t recall the name.

I guess I’ll live without it, ‘cause it’s almost time for bed.


I used to ride in fancy cars.

Enjoyed martinis and cigars.

The only limit was the stars.


Took trips to Spain and Amsterdam,

But that existence was a sham.

Those days are gone and here I am.


I love my family, but now their every visit confuses me.

The TV’s the only thing I have left which amuses me.

And when I read the paper, there’s always something new.

I can’t keep up with changes the way I used to do.

It’s going by too fast. I think I’ll take a nap instead.


(instrumental of two verses)


I know that time is running out,

‘cause on that score I have no doubt.

I’ve seen what life is all about.


But no one else is much impressed.

I’m on this planet as a guest

Until the day I’m laid to rest.


Someday I’ll end up in a place where everybody will be nice to me.

They’ll understand I’m hard of hearing and they’ll say everything twice to me.

And I’ll be young and handsome, the way I was before.

I won’t need medication to function anymore.

My sanity and safety won’t be hanging by a thread.

I’ll walk into the light just like they always said.



Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Well, I’d been busting my hump all five days of the week,

And I was looking to let off some steam, so to speak.

When it finally got to be five o’clock, I knew it.

All I wanted was a drink and a clear path to it.

I got inside my truck, ‘cause I knew where I was going.

Down to the local honky tonk, where the beer would be flowing.

I sat on that barstool feeling calm and in control,

But when she walked in the room I dang near swallowed my Skoal.

We flirted for a bit, then it was closing time.

She looked me up and down and said, “Your trailer or mine?”

I knew that was a real good sign.


I think this one is a Keeper.

I think I finally hit one out the park.

I’m walking ‘round with a fever.

She makes my temperature explode right off the chart

And every time that I see her

I realize that the choice was no mistake.

I’m feeling lighter than ether

And so this buckaroo is doing everything it takes

To keep her satisfied.


In the next few weeks we saw a little more of each other.

She took me home to meet her mom and dad, sister and brothers.

There was Grandma, Cousin Cletus, Debbie Sue and Uncle Merle.

They had some homemade whiskey make your chest hair curl.

They were mighty fine people, made me feel right at home,

But I was aching to get that little filly of mine all alone.

We stood next to the door. That’s when I started to cough.

Wanted to get her back home and pick up where we left off.

We thanked her parents for their hospitality.

She reached into my overalls and found my keys.

I felt a tremble in my knees.


I’ve seen ‘em all from New Orleans to Santa Fe.

But no one ever turned me upside down this way.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Most women don’t like nice guys and they tend to overlook us.

They wouldn’t know a good thing if if bit ‘em in the tookas.

You can wine ‘em, you can dine ‘em, try real hard to impress,

But what they’re looking to find is dang near anyone’s guess.

But this here one was different. I could tell that right away.

Liked me for who I was. That sure don’t happen every day.

If you told me several weeks ago I’d be in such a good place,

I’d probably call you a liar, and then I’d laugh in your face.

I ain’t had this much fun since I was just a pip,

When my daddy got us tickets to the NASCAR championship.

I know I won’t regret this trip.


Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Hey, there, Robin, I’m back again,

Trying to stay on track again.

You deserve better than me, it’s true,

But I know we can see it through.

Hoping that you’ll find the same,

But I know well that I’m to blame.

Swear upon my heart a vow:

Things’ll be different starting now.


I’d been living all alone.

‘Round my heart a wall had grown.

I’d been feeling numb and grey,

But all that changed one summer day.

Went through life subdued and blue

Till my world included you.

Let’s walk side by side at last,

As we put behind the past.


Robin I know you understand.

Let’s have all the fun we can.

I messed up but now I see

Your sweet grace come down to me.

I have learned from my mistake.

No more bad dreams; I’m awake.

Crazy as it may sound to you,

All that matters now is you.


Robin, I wrote a tender song

I will sing to right the wrong,

Hoping that you will try to see

All this hurt inside of me.

Made my bed and slept in it.

I will do all except to quit.

Using my guitar and pen

To bring you in my arms again.

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Normally we find Miss or Mr. Right

While we’re young enough to make our dreams come true.


Then there’s those of us Searching through the night,

And it’s hard to keep the faith when youth is through.


Some have broken hearts, Some have shattered dreams,

And there’s those of us who never got the chance.


Some don’t walk alone, Bursting at the seams

With the souvenirs of long ago romance.


One lesson learned: If you don’t take risks, you won’t get burned,

but you’ll wind up in a sad and lonely place.


Once you’re middle aged, Meeting someone new

It’s not easy as it looks while you’re still young.


Common things you share Few and far between,

And when something ticks you off, you hold your tongue.


Can’t stay out as late. Can’t drink quite as much.

Everything you eat goes straight to your rear end.


Hoping for a kiss. More than just a touch.

Can’t play hard to get when time is not your friend.


One lesson learned: If you don’t take risks, you won’t get burned,

but you’ll wind up in a sad and lonely place.


When lines are crossed And it looks as though all hope is lost,

Your time’s not up. Slow and Steady wins the race.


(instrumental of 1/2 verse)


Maybe you’ll crash or else you’ll fly. Maybe she’ll laugh or else she’ll fly.

You’ll never know unless you try.


Sitting across from you, it’s clear. What you’ve been waiting for is here.

Time to get out of second gear.

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Don’t know much about the fairer sex.

It’s always been a puzzle to me.

But the first time that I saw your face,

I fell for you immediately.

I’ve been aching from a broken heart.

They told me you were feeling the same.

Now the time is ripe for love again,

So, baby, get back into the game.


Don’t Throw Your Love Away.

Cherish every day.

Don’t be led astray.


In a cynical, despondent world

It’s easy to be taken aback.

Everybody’s on defense, it seems,

And no one wants to make the attack.

I’ve been waiting all my life for you,

But you don’t ever let down your guard.

Someone has to break the ice for once.

So, baby, won’t you show me your cards?


(repeat chorus)


We’re not getting any younger now; it’s true.

We’re done with yesterday.

If I have a choice, I’d rather be with you.

Don’t Throw Your Love Away.


(instrumental of verse)


I can’t guarantee that I’m the one.

Who knows if this is right or it’s wrong?

But I won’t be here forever, babe,

If someone special happens along.

You don’t want to spend your golden years

Imagining what you could have done.

Don’t procrastinate when love’s at stake.

Your life will end before it’s begun.


(repeat chorus)

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


This fading photograph,

The memory is all I have

Those sun-filled days we had before.


Recall your smiling face.

The paradise of your embrace.

Feels like I’m seventeen once more.


Carefree and foolish then,

I thought this love would never end.

Took things for granted far too long.


Now that I’ve been away,

I crave the warmth of yesterday.

I’m not too proud to say I’m wrong.



I wanna go back again.

I’d rather get on track again

Than to face another night alone.


You’ve always been dear to me.

You’re makin’ it clear to see

That I really wanna Make It Home.


Broke off our love affair

To see what I could find out there.

Thought greener pastures lay in store.


I found out on my own

The price you pay to be alone.

I had my freedom, but what for?


I did not understand.

Without you, I was half a man,

Lost in a web of self-deceit.


Now, by myself, I know

I’ve gone as far as I can go.

I need your love to be complete.


(repeat chorus)







When you were by my side,

My ego filled up with pride

And arrogance.

On my knees I confess.

Look past my carelessness



(instrumental of chorus)

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