Don't Throw Your Love Away

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Don’t know much about the fairer sex.

It’s always been a puzzle to me.

But the first time that I saw your face,

I fell for you immediately.

I’ve been aching from a broken heart.

They told me you were feeling the same.

Now the time is ripe for love again,

So, baby, get back into the game.


Don’t Throw Your Love Away.

Cherish every day.

Don’t be led astray.


In a cynical, despondent world

It’s easy to be taken aback.

Everybody’s on defense, it seems,

And no one wants to make the attack.

I’ve been waiting all my life for you,

But you don’t ever let down your guard.

Someone has to break the ice for once.

So, baby, won’t you show me your cards?


(repeat chorus)


We’re not getting any younger now; it’s true.

We’re done with yesterday.

If I have a choice, I’d rather be with you.

Don’t Throw Your Love Away.


(instrumental of verse)


I can’t guarantee that I’m the one.

Who knows if this is right or it’s wrong?

But I won’t be here forever, babe,

If someone special happens along.

You don’t want to spend your golden years

Imagining what you could have done.

Don’t procrastinate when love’s at stake.

Your life will end before it’s begun.


(repeat chorus)

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