Make It Home

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


This fading photograph,

The memory is all I have

Those sun-filled days we had before.


Recall your smiling face.

The paradise of your embrace.

Feels like I’m seventeen once more.


Carefree and foolish then,

I thought this love would never end.

Took things for granted far too long.


Now that I’ve been away,

I crave the warmth of yesterday.

I’m not too proud to say I’m wrong.



I wanna go back again.

I’d rather get on track again

Than to face another night alone.


You’ve always been dear to me.

You’re makin’ it clear to see

That I really wanna Make It Home.


Broke off our love affair

To see what I could find out there.

Thought greener pastures lay in store.


I found out on my own

The price you pay to be alone.

I had my freedom, but what for?


I did not understand.

Without you, I was half a man,

Lost in a web of self-deceit.


Now, by myself, I know

I’ve gone as far as I can go.

I need your love to be complete.


(repeat chorus)







When you were by my side,

My ego filled up with pride

And arrogance.

On my knees I confess.

Look past my carelessness



(instrumental of chorus)

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