Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Hey, there, Robin, I’m back again,

Trying to stay on track again.

You deserve better than me, it’s true,

But I know we can see it through.

Hoping that you’ll find the same,

But I know well that I’m to blame.

Swear upon my heart a vow:

Things’ll be different starting now.


I’d been living all alone.

‘Round my heart a wall had grown.

I’d been feeling numb and grey,

But all that changed one summer day.

Went through life subdued and blue

Till my world included you.

Let’s walk side by side at last,

As we put behind the past.


Robin I know you understand.

Let’s have all the fun we can.

I messed up but now I see

Your sweet grace come down to me.

I have learned from my mistake.

No more bad dreams; I’m awake.

Crazy as it may sound to you,

All that matters now is you.


Robin, I wrote a tender song

I will sing to right the wrong,

Hoping that you will try to see

All this hurt inside of me.

Made my bed and slept in it.

I will do all except to quit.

Using my guitar and pen

To bring you in my arms again.

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