Sleeping with Strangers

Frank Marzano
Frank Marzano


Now and then I look backwards

And reach into the past,

And I think of the first time

I thought that love would last,

But instead of a castle

It crumbled into dirt.

When it all fell to pieces it hurt.

The mark it made would stay.


So I tried to be patient

Until I got my turn,

But a dream can be broken

When love is not returned.

Went from barstool to barstool.

My heart had turned to stone.

Now I’m starting to reap what I’ve sown

And now I know that


I was Sleeping with Strangers.

No clue what they were feeling.

Thought we knew what the facts were,

But not a word was said.

We looked into each other

With no thought for tomorrow,

But we stopped moving forwards and then

The love affair was dead.


After that, there were others

Who came into my mind,

But the pain of that first one

Was never far behind.

When the sunlight was brightest

A cloud was over me.

Rain and shadows were all I could see.

And no one said that


(repeat chorus)


There’s something special when a kiss

Is shared at first by two,

And when you find it, don’t resist

The kind of love that’s…

The kind of love that’s true.


(instrumental of chorus)


Now I don’t move as quickly.

My hair is streaked with grey,

Left with only the dreams of

A thousand yesterdays.

Had my chance that I wasted.

It’s not too late for you.

Fall in love now before youth is through…

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