Back in Junior High Again

Frank Marzano


Each time I see your face, Nervousness comes over me. I feel so out of place, Yearning for you hopelessly. That's why Tension is high, Awkward and shy, Feelings which I can't justify. I look at you and then Back in Junior High Again. I'm usually quite relaxed. Dating comes so easily, But then my armor cracks, Showing my dependency, So wrong. Wish I was strong. Then I'd belong. There'd be no point to sing this song. My trip through time would end. Back in Junior High Again. Stare at my feet with nothing to say. That's okay. Wondering inside how I can convey All that's on my mind someday. (instrumental of verse) And every day I wait Adds to my uncertainty, But still I hesitate, Fearing what your choice will be. If you Secretly knew, What would you do? Because I just don't have a clue How long I have to spend Back in Junior High Again. That's what you do to men, Back in Junior High Again.

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