If Practice Made Perfect

Frank Marzano


If Practice Made Perfect, you'd think I'd have learned the ropes by now. If Practice Made Perfect, you'd think I'd have got it right somehow. The longer I'm at it, the more the mistakes, the worse it seems. Does practice make perfect? Or just in my dreams? The first time I saw you, I knew that I had to make you mine. I turned on the polish, but left all my character behind. If I could start over, right at the beginning, you would see that practice makes perfect, and you'd be with me. You'd think with rehearsal, you'd think that with time, you'd think that with rhythm and with rhyme, the doubt would be answered. An expert romancer would succeed. In matters of loving, experience means nothing, and only beginners truly see that practice won't make perfect (practice won't make perfect) even if you work eternally. (instrumental of verse) So now I start over, and, God help me, here I go again. I may be successful, or else disappointed just like then. I don't know the outcome, or what my tomorrow has in store, but since I'm not perfect, I'll practice some more.

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