Matthew / Neurotica (reprise)

Frank Marzano


(instrumental - "Neurotica") Dear Matthew, let me tuck you in goodnight. Here's your blanket. Sleep until the morning light. By tomorrow, I'll be gone and out of sight. It's sad, but true. Me and Mommy tried so hard to work things out. When we argued, we could only scream and shout. Now it's over, nothing left to talk about except for you. Don't blame yourself, dear. It's not your fault. Me and Mommy love you, but not each other anymore. Listen, Matthew. Let me hold your tiny hand. Before you know it, you'll have grown into a man. Until then, dear, do your best to understand the things I say. Love your mother, after all I put her through. Be a good boy. When she criticizes you, don't be angry. When she tells you what to do you must obey. So dream of sunshine, and joyful things. Children should be happy. Trouble is for grown-ups. (instrumental) Darling Matthew, little angel I adore, Daddy's leaving. He won't live here anymore. Can you cope with what the future has in store? I think you can. I'm leaving, Matthew, sleeping in a gentle bliss. Keep your eyes closed. Let me give you one last kiss. This is it, now. Maybe you'll make sense of this when you're a man. When you're a man. (instrumental)

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