My Christmas Wish

Frank Marzano


We met at Gillian's party, on last year's New Year's Eve. You caught my eye as I was just about to leave. We talked of several things, and night turned into day. You smiled and said that we might meet again someday. I sent a Valentine, but you gave nothing back. Red hearts were everywhere, but mine was painted black. I spent St. Patrick's Day alone with my green beer hoping that Easter Sunday would bring you closer here. Next time I saw you was the fourth day of July. You looked great as fireworks lit the sky. Labor Day and Halloween had left me feeling blue. Home alone Thanksgiving, I was still hung up on you. Now Christmas Day's approaching. The cheer's about to start. Detours and small potatoes have kept us far apart. You sit across from me, and ask what you can do. Just say the word and make My Christmas Wish come true.

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