She Does Math

Frank Marzano


Let me tell a story sad but true of a boy and girl whose love was new. Rosy colored glances gently grew but turned into a midnight blue. She could add, subtract, and multiply, do complex arithmetic in i, calculate the decimal of . But who knows why she said goodbye? Our love was circular at best, a mass that never came to rest. As x increased, y stayed the same. But if the proof could not be done, the argument would not be won. The answer's wrong, but who's to blame? Algebra for her was just a chore. Linear equations were a bore. Calculus and trig were nothing more than windows for an open door. (instrumental of verse) Her beauty knew no upper bound. No imperfections could be found. When she was near, I felt complete. A golden ratio of hearts was doomed to failure from the start. Skew lines as ours could never meet. By this time, the story has been told. Feelings once intense have long grown cold. No more passion like the days of old. We lost our hold on dreams of gold. The tale's been told… Our love's grown cold…

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