She's at the Beach

Frank Marzano


Many guys will spend a whole lifetime looking for the perfect girl, but you had it all. You had her right by your side. She was nice, intelligent, attractive, everything a man could want, but when you weren't there, she laid her head down and cried. Leaving her at home by herself, you'd go out and have your fun. Nowadays the tables are turned. You're the lonely one. She's at the Beach (kicking back and getting a suntan). She's at the Beach (running barefoot in the hot beach sand). She's at the Beach (drinking beer and listening to rock bands). Things you'd not allow. She's at the Beach (giving guys her telephone number). She's out of reach (far away, enjoying the summer). This ought to teach (you to be a little more humbler). Look who's laughing now. She's at the Beach. She would do whatever you wanted, treated you like a king, anything you asked. No sacrifice was too great. Looking back at all of those memories, you must want to kick yourself. No use saying you're sorry when it's too late. Had the perfect woman at home. Somehow you weren't satisfied. Now she's gone and you're alone. Your turn now to cry. (repeat chorus) Girlfriends like the one you had are few and far between. When you're lonely, feeling sad, you'll find out what I mean. She's at the Beach. (instrumental of chorus) She and I've been seeing each other since she broke it off with you, sharing a life, discovering how we feel. Every smile she tenderly gives me tells me I'm a man in love. Time is a friend. A delicate heart can heal. Morning, afternoon and night, celebrating joyously. When it's time to turn out the light, she'll be here with me. (repeat chorus)

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