We Love the Weekend

Frank Marzano


Five days a week, Abbey takes the train Down to the city. It’s such a pain, Always 9 to 5, except for weekends. Friday at work when the clock strikes 4, Looks at her watch, in an hour more, She’ll be heading home to start the weekend. Wakes up early and gets home late. Phone calls and letters don’t compensate. Boyfriend far away, it’s hardly worth it. Friday night he comes back from school, Next day sunbathing by the pool. Sunday sees him off, she’s back alone. She loves the weekend. She loves the weekend. Tom lifts packages all week long. Strains his back, though he’s large and strong. Always he’s exhausted by the weekend. Sweat starts dripping from every pore. Each day worse than the one before. Friday, 5 o’clock, he starts the weekend. Lays outside in a summer breeze, Plays with daughters he never sees, One more on the way, he’s their provider. Loves his children and pregnant wife, Works to give them a better life, Monday he’s refreshed, it’s back to work. He loves the weekend. He loves the weekend. We love the weekend. We love the weekend. We love it! The time we have for free can go by way too fast. It's up to you and me to make these moments last. I’m just a teacher who wrote this song After a class that went oh, so wrong, Hoping I would make it to the weekend. Some days are miserable, some go great. Sometimes you deal with folks you hate. Just like you, I’m waiting for the weekend. Let’s get together at Justin’s bar, There, ‘round the corner, it’s not that far. Challenge Harry to a game of billiards. Abbey’s invited and Tom is, too. Told them that I would be bringing you. Now we can relax and let off steam.

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