This guys voice is very original and he seems to have his own style of singing.
Good vocals and harmonies ... a weird bit of panache that will thrill the nerdrock set! Good job!
You sound like Teenage Head; remember those guys from the 70s? (Canadian power pop band.) Some Monkees sound there too with the harmonies.
Puts me in mind of being on vacation and out dancing.
I don't remember the band's name in the movie "That thing you do", but whoever they are, you sound like them. That's not a bad thing. I like the retro sound.
alarmingly wimpy, pleasantly colorful and "naive"... A cool mixed bag. Lots of colors, lots of open space within the arrangement. Reminds me a little of the little-known band The Shoes, who in my opinion were one of the great melody-pop bands of all time. Great collection of hooks. I love this shit.
I like the way that you blend all the parts. You sound like a fifty's sort of vibe thing going.
Cheeky, jangly acoustic pop ... Byrds, Beatles with some 12-string California rock vibe thrown in for good measure. Well produced.
Very cool. Sound like early Weezer & early Beach Boys
Sounds like the Byrds - very fresh sounding and light. It's a bit in the vein of Fountains of Wayne. Clean sound. Good job. I like it. Innocent stuff.
A little Beach Boys, but modern. Maybe The Rembrandts and Simon & Garfunkel are sources of inspiration.
I really like the changes. McCartney used to write songs like this.
Very classic sound. The lyrics are cool. I like the backing vocals... very strong.
Hard to catagorize but fun. Definitely original, not like anything else I've heard lately. Catchy and fun.
Groovy Baby... GREAT FALSETTO VOICE!! Backup vocals are very well-placed and performed. Bring back the 50's!!!
Solid playing. I caught a Beach Boys vocal thing which made this old guy feel good. Nice job!

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