Frank Marzano
Carriage House, Lake City, PA 3/6/10


recorded live at the Carriage House, Girard, PA (3/7/10)


Heard the news, early in the morning. Didn’t Think that it could happen. Thought someone was kidding. After time, it came to me that maybe it was Just like they were saying, just like I was reading. Who can tell? In a world where chance and Fortune make decisions, nothing seems for certain. Like a flame; one day it can burn so Bright and be extinguished. Nothing to explain. Took a breath. The hardest part was coming: Breaking it to Kendall. This would surely change her. After all, I’d rather it was me that told her. Otherwise she’d learn it hearing from a stranger. Through the years, you were just the one who Knew what she had wanted, gave her what she needed. She was gone. It was up to me to Help her understand that she was not Alone. When an angel cries She may not weep forever But tears will fall. Dark and cloudy skies Conceal the horizon For one and all. Through the day, you try and carry on and act like Nothing even happened; business as usual. Once again, I’m overtaken by emotion. No, I won’t accept it; adamant refusal. Growing up, trying to find my way, I Always found your friendship, shining like a beacon. That was then. Now your guiding light has Gone out. Now I find I’m in the dark Alone. Down the road, a couple months have passed but though we Try to live without you, we cannot forget you. Feel the pain, and feel the loss but also understand That we are lucky simply to have met you. We can hope someday that the world will Learn what you achieved with faith and dedication. Though you’re gone, what you did remains around Us. We don’t have to carry on Alone.

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