Every couple of months or so, I wake up from whatever reverie is distracting me and realize… that it’s time for another frankmarzano.com newsletter!

Earlier this year I received a very nice review by Dennis Pilon at Poprock Record, a blog for independent music. Among other things, Pilon noted that,

“Journeymen have done their time in the trenches. They deliver in a solid way, even if they don’t get all the glory. Fame and success – beyond a certain level of talent – is arbitrary, fickle, and fleeting. Marzano has kept soldiering on, dependably putting out great songs, with less than his fair share of fanfare.”

This, in a nutshell, is what keeps me going... the fact that people who know music – like Pilon (and you, too, for that matter) – appreciate what I’m trying to do.

So, when American Proust came out in 2015, I solicited the attention of several music review websites (the Erie Reader, Don’t Believe a Word I Say, Captain Panda, Band Blurb) for a critical assessment of my work.

Band Blurb responded with a very detailed and insightful review of the album:


as did Captain Panda:


and Don’t Believe a Word I say:


In the previous newsletter, I broached the topic of age discrimination. While the fact that I’m old(ish) almost certainly contributes to the increasing scarcity of gigs for me, I think that age is more of an indirect factor than a direct one.

To wit, music venues in this area book acts based on how many people come out to see them. This puts guys like me at a disadvantage. At 50, I don’t move in a very large circle of friends anymore, and the few friends that I do have all go to bed at 10:00.

Fortunately, there are those who, despite my balding pate and grey beard, are still willing to book me. Gigs I have coming up include:

Fri. 5/12 – Benson Memorial Library (Titusville, PA) noon – 1 pm

Fri. 6/2 – Voices for Independence (Erie, PA) noon – 2 pm

And that CD I sent to the Erie Reader? After a year and a half, I imagine it must be pretty close to the top of the pile by now.




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