1. Golden Years

From the recording Golden Years


I’m sitting by myself in a room that looks strange to me.
They say it’s my new home. Everything’s been arranged for me.
The furniture is different. What happened to my chair?
I’m looking out the window. Don’t recognize what’s there.
It seems I have no choice, so I guess I’ll go ahead.
Suppertime is early and the food tastes so bland to me.
Lowfat this and diet that. Oh, this salad tastes like sand to me!
I used to love the weekend. Now the days are all the same.
I want to ask for dressing, but I can’t recall the name.
I guess I’ll live without it, ‘cause it’s almost time for bed.
I used to ride in fancy cars.
Enjoyed martinis and cigars.
The only limit was the stars.
Took trips to Spain and Amsterdam,
But that existence was a sham.
Those days are gone and here I am.
I love my family, but now their every visit confuses me.
The TV’s the only thing I have left which amuses me.
And when I read the paper, there’s always something new.
I can’t keep up with changes the way I used to do.
It’s going by too fast. I think I’ll take a nap instead.
(instrumental of two verses)
I know that time is running out,
‘cause on that score I have no doubt.
I’ve seen what life is all about.
But no one else is much impressed.
I’m on this planet as a guest
Until the day I’m laid to rest.
Someday I’ll end up in a place where everybody will be nice to me.
They’ll understand I’m hard of hearing and they’ll say everything twice to me.
And I’ll be young and handsome, the way I was before.
I won’t need medication to function anymore.
My sanity and safety won’t be hanging by a thread.
I’ll walk into the light just like they always said.