1. Keeper

From the recording Keeper


Well, I’d been busting my hump all five days of the week,
And I was looking to let off some steam, so to speak.
When it finally got to be five o’clock, I knew it.
All I wanted was a drink and a clear path to it.
I got inside my truck, ‘cause I knew where I was going.
Down to the local honky tonk, where the beer would be flowing.
I sat on that barstool feeling calm and in control,
But when she walked in the room I dang near swallowed my Skoal.
We flirted for a bit, then it was closing time.
She looked me up and down and said, “Your trailer or mine?”
I knew that was a real good sign.
I think this one is a Keeper.
I think I finally hit one out the park.
I’m walking ‘round with a fever.
She makes my temperature explode right off the chart
And every time that I see her
I realize that the choice was no mistake.
I’m feeling lighter than ether
And so this buckaroo is doing everything it takes
To keep her satisfied.
In the next few weeks we saw a little more of each other.
She took me home to meet her mom and dad, sister and brothers.
There was Grandma, Cousin Cletus, Debbie Sue and Uncle Merle.
They had some homemade whiskey make your chest hair curl.
They were mighty fine people, made me feel right at home,
But I was aching to get that little filly of mine all alone.
We stood next to the door. That’s when I started to cough.
Wanted to get her back home and pick up where we left off.
We thanked her parents for their hospitality.
She reached into my overalls and found my keys.
I felt a tremble in my knees.
I’ve seen ‘em all from New Orleans to Santa Fe.
But no one ever turned me upside down this way.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Most women don’t like nice guys and they tend to overlook us.
They wouldn’t know a good thing if if bit ‘em in the tookas.
You can wine ‘em, you can dine ‘em, try real hard to impress,
But what they’re looking to find is dang near anyone’s guess.
But this here one was different. I could tell that right away.
Liked me for who I was. That sure don’t happen every day.
If you told me several weeks ago I’d be in such a good place,
I’d probably call you a liar, and then I’d laugh in your face.
I ain’t had this much fun since I was just a pip,
When my daddy got us tickets to the NASCAR championship.
I know I won’t regret this trip.