1. Nerve

From the recording Nerve


Tears have been dryin’ since you went away.
Till I get over you, take it day by day.
Deal with the heartbreak that you gave to me.
It’s been a long road to recovery.
Now you come back to me
To reheat the flame.
I won’t get burned again.
I’m through with playing your game.
You think that you can walk into my life like before?
You’d better guess again; I won’t be hurt anymore.
Come to me looking for love that you think you deserve.
You can look elsewhere, ‘cause you’ve got one hell of a Nerve.
Still got the scars from our first love affair.
Healing is painful, but I’m getting there.
Last thing I need now is your treachery
Showing me once again what you did to me.
Having come this far,
I’ll hope for the day
I can face love without memories of you in the way.
What kind of fool would I be
If I returned to the scene of the crime?
Now I’m awake          
I won’t make this mistake one more time.
Give me your sweet talk, but I know the score.
I’m not the patsy that I was before.
My heart is mended. Hope it stays that way.
Won’t let you use it for the games you play.
I haven’t convalesced
One hundred percent,
But I know I don’t need you
Back with your evil intent.
You got a hell of a Nerve.
You got a hell of a Nerve.
You got a hell of a Nerve.