From the recording Buy You a Drink


Every time I see you, my thoughts are all tangled.
I can't see anything clear.
Try to say hello, but I feel like I'm strangled.
I'm tongue-tied, shakin' from fear.
You're the only woman who can fluster me.
Anybody else and I'm relaxed and free.
You got something special that makes me wanna know you better.
Can I buy you a drink?

All I gotta hear is the sound of your sweetness,
and I'm knocked outta my shoes.
Beauty, charm, and style in astounding completeness,
it's more than I can refuse.
Doesn't matter when I have a lousy day.
Being near to you can chase the blues away.
You got certain qualities. That's why I'm enamored with you.
Let me buy you a drink.

Just when I had given up the search for someone true,
throwing in the towel and accepting defeat,
celibate and somber,
then I met with

You could see inside of the fence I was building
to keep me safe from distress.
Snug inside a shell in a cage I was gilding,
I had no hope of success.
Then I saw you smile and now I have to know
everything about you, girl, from head to toe.
Tell me all your feelings and show me what's important to you
while I buy you a drink.

Never thought that I would have the guts to see this through.
Somewhere deep inside me I collected my nerve,
made it to your table,
sat right down with

You said everything that you meant, without speaking,
and left no room for mistakes.
Giving me the signals I went so long seeking
with nitwits, phonies and fakes.
Thinking I would never find a love to last,
waiting, but it's finally paying off at last.
Funny how we find something just when we stop looking for it.
Let me buy you a drink.
Let me buy you a drink.