1. Get Along

From the recording Get Along


Fighting constantly, but no one ever wins.
Never try to see the good we have within.
We could face the world in fellowship and song
if we'd all just Get Along.

Different words we use for things which seem so clear.
Many names we give to He who placed us here.
Someone disagrees, the opposition's strong.
God, it's hard to Get Along.

We make our path in life,
struggling along the way.
Sometimes, we're racked with strife.
Everyone needs help someday.

Only animals should make their home in dirt.
Only humans know humility and hurt.
If we have the means to right this country's wrongs,
when will people Get Along?

(instrumental of verse)

It's hard to find a way
to see a different point of view,
but there may come a day
that nonconformist might be you.

Some go on and on, and never earn their keep.
Some say just a word, and find themselves in deep.
If the world was mute, I wouldn't sing this song.
Everyone would Get Along.
Now's the time to Get Along.
Can't we all just Get Along?