1. June

From the recording June


Sometimes a good thing is right in our hands,
but we don't perceive it's true.
That's how it was when our story began
and our intimacy was new.
I thought I'd spend my life alone, but
I didn't count on you.
Suddenly fate brought the firmament into view.

All of my friends said the key to success is
to know when to compromise.
Low expectations mean no discontent and
no need to apologize.
But I'm glad I kept my standards high. That's
how I wound up with you.
Took me a long time, but everyone gets their due.

You are the sky, my stars, my Sun and Moon.
Nobody sees me like you see me, June.

I've been rejected, struck out of my senses,
and left at a loss for words.
Afraid of the future, I put up defenses,
but you would not be deterred.
Somewhere inside that shell I fashioned,
you saw the best in me.
A curtain was lifted, revealing our destiny.

(repeat chorus)

You'll be the first in everything I do.
I don't exist unless I'm part of you.
I never thought that I could feel.
I didn't know the heart can heal, and
now that I see your love's for real, I say:

(repeat chorus)

I understand. This is just a beginning.
There's so much that lies beyond.
But I know as long as the planet keeps spinning,
that nothing can break this bond.
Ultimately, we'll reach the place where
two lovers join as one.
Love is a journey, and our road has just begun.