Two or Three Things I Know About Me 

Most people don’t know this about me, but I have some serious country music roots. Growing up in Chicago, my dad and I used to listen to the White Sox games on WMAQ (670 AM). Nowadays, WMAQ is an all-sports station, but in those days they played country music (unless a White Sox game was on). Long before I was a Beatles fan, I was into country.

This may explain why I’ve been following the band Mayflower Hill so enthusiastically. Based in Edinboro, Mayflower Hill plays a lot of Top 40 country music, but…

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Jukeboxes - Human and Otherwise 

Are you ready? Then put down that rake, because it’s time for another newsletter! 

I’ve been trying to line up gigs, but I’m doing things a little differently this time. Instead of contacting venues that already have live music (and trying to break into Erie’s impregnable music scene), I’ve been talking to venues that don’t have live music, and trying to convince them to have some. Unfortunately, most of these places are content to rely on their jukebox. 

Jukeboxes are the boa constrictors…

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