New album and upcoming gigs 

Remember when I took the audio from all my YouTube videos and made an album? 

Well, I’ve taken the audio from all my YouTube videos since then and assembled another album, Solo Jazz Guitar. It’ll be available for free download on my website starting June 14. 

In order to license the songs for free download, I had to research who wrote them. One thing I was surprised to learn was that, during the Big Band era, music and lyrics were two separate jobs to be…

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I Can't Buy a Gig... Oh, wait, yes, I can. 

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Over the course of the pandemic I’ve gotten reacquainted with an old friend: television. These days, however, it’s loaded with sequels, prequels, and reboots (“Sex in the City”, “Fantasy Island”, “Walker Texas Ranger”, etc.). This is understandable. In these uncertain times, people are apt to retreat to the comfort of the familiar. 

One of my favorite reboots is “Name That Tune”, a game show…

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Recitals: Chatty and Otherwise 

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One of the most important things a musician does is play in front of people. In my last newsletter, I discussed how I was acquiring new skills in the area of solo fingerstyle guitar, and recording YouTube videos of various jazz standards. The next step, therefore, was to showcase my newly acquired chops in a live setting. 

This is harder than it sounds. However well you can play a piece…

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