Christmas n' July 

Are you done with your holiday shopping yet? Then log off of Amazon for a few minutes, because it’s time for another newsletter!

2023 was a very enjoyable year for me. The highlight was at the end of July, when I attended the “Jazz and Blues Weekend” in Ellicottville, NY. I had a delightful weekend, although I was a little surprised at their choice for a headlining act: an Eagles tribute band!

Tribute bands are everywhere nowadays. Here in northwest Pennsylvania, there are regularly gigging…

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Two or Three Things I Know About Me 

Most people don’t know this about me, but I have some serious country music roots. Growing up in Chicago, my dad and I used to listen to the White Sox games on WMAQ (670 AM). Nowadays, WMAQ is an all-sports station, but in those days they played country music (unless a White Sox game was on). Long before I was a Beatles fan, I was into country.

This may explain why I’ve been following the band Mayflower Hill so enthusiastically. Based in Edinboro, Mayflower Hill plays a lot of Top 40 country music, but…

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