From the recording Love's the Only Way Home


I was content.
I was doing okay till the moment you stepped in my sight.
No pain. No stress.
I was happy alone in the dark till you turned on the light.
Now I can’t go on pretending everything’s right,
And I’d love to ask if you’ve got plans for tonight.
But I’m filled with fright.
Love’s the Only Way Home.
Love’s the Only Way Home.
Each time we meet
Try to open my heart but the words don’t come out like I plan.
Tongue tied. Can’t speak
And when everything’s done I’m no farther than when I began
And I sometimes wish that I was more of a man.
I would take you in my arms and you’d understand,
But I doubt I can.
I don’t think that I deserve to be happy with you
And I’m feeling things that I’m afraid to pursue.
Nothing I can do.
Opportunities would come my way,
But I turned around and ran.
Like a king I tried to have my say,
But my empire was a sham.
On an island like a castaway,
Watching waves roll off the sand.
Fading memories of yesterday,
Nothing left that’s worth a damn.
Time is running out. The sun’s last rays
Signal that the end is near.
Have I spent my total life in vain,
Or can something make it clear.