1. Breathless

From the recording Breathless


I've watched the fire for me go out in you.
We said goodbye to all the love we thought was true.
The pain I felt for you was meaningless.
How we held on for this long, I can only guess.
We thought it was invincible,
Lasting through eternity.
Feelings change. It's understandable.
Still, I want what used to be.

Breathless, ever in my heart,
Lost in your attraction,
Now we've grown apart.
Breathless, limitless and free,
Memories of you and me.

Back then we thought it was achievable,
Lived in the hope that love was not impossible.
We were content to snuggle side by side,
But still our deepest dreams remain unsatisfied.
We came so close to happiness,
Then we watched it disappear.
Disappointment caused from loneliness -
That's our only souvenir.

(repeat chorus)

We tasted beauty, then it passed away
Like a sunset
In a painting
On a wall in
A museum.
We were abandoned like a castaway.
How’s it make you feel?
How’s it make you feel?
Breath away.

We travel every path there is
Seeking what we had before,
Trapped inside by doubts and cowardice,
Waiting for the tears in store.