1. Hot Mama

From the recording Hot Mama


Every morning, my alarm clock's ringing, 'cause it's
Time to get out of bed.
I don't mind, 'cause it's a joy anticipating
What the day has ahead.
On the morning ride to work, I take a little
Detour south as a rule,
'cause I know that every day, I'm sure to see you
drop the kids off at school.
Watching as you kiss them goodbye,
Feeling things I cannot deny,
I don't have the guts to reveal
The passion that I feel.

Hot Mama, you look so fine.
I wanna tell you what's on my mind.
You got something that
Keeps me loving this
Single mom of two,
Hot Mama, you look so good.
I really wish that you understood.
I've been achin' that you
Might make me your daddy.

I know all about your crass ex-husband and the
Rotten things that he did.
Gave you loving and affection, so romantic,
Till you gave him a kid.
After work, instead of coming home he went in
To the bar for a drink.
After Baby # 2, the hurt continued,
And you started to think.
Things don't always have to be grim.
You can do much better than him.
Had all the abuse you could take.
The time has come to break.

(repeat chorus)

Babe, I understand what's on your mind,
But I'm not just feeding you a line.
You got reservations and you
Keep your feelings hid.
Take a chance on someone
Who will cherish you,
And you'll be glad you did.

(instrumental of chorus)

If you let me get acquainted, you'll be getting
Someone loyal and true.
I will always put you first, now that you've told me
All the things you've been through.
After spending time with me, you won't remember
What it's like on the skids.
I'm a lover and a friend who'll stand beside you,
And I'm patient with kids.
Up to now, your heart has been sealed.
Anything that's hurt can be healed.
You deserve the best I can give,
So let's think positive.