1. Humble Street

From the recording Humble Street

recorded live at the Carriage House, Lake City, PA, 3/6/10


You tore my world apart and left me flat
Without one word to say.
You let me think that you’d be coming back.
I held my breath and prayed.
But when some time had passed I finally learned
That you were gone forever, babe, and I’d been burned.
I cried, but now I’m standing tall again.
I’ve grown from yesterday.

If you ain’t coming to apologize,
Then turn around and kiss my ass goodbye.
I should forgive you, but revenge is sweet,
So pack your bags and take a walk down Humble Street.
Humble Street.

When I accepted you were gone for good,
I turned my life around.
I tried to be compliant when I could,
But now I stand my ground.
If someone hurts me, I will not forget,
And when I hurt them back, well, I will not regret it.
Don’t tell me stories of the love we had.
It’s buried in the ground.

If you could see what I was going through,
I know damn well you’d sing a different tune.
You may be sorry, but it’s not enough
To quell the pain of unrequited love.

I’ve tried to put the very thought of you
Behind me, but it’s hard.
I know inside it’s what I ought to do
To let the healing start.
There’ll be a time when I can let it go,
But that won’t be today, because you hurt me so.
I don’t believe that I can pardon you,
The way you bruised my heart.